no image has ever described my life quite so well
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I always loved Professor Snape. I mean he sacrificed everything for a woman that would never love him back and then when she was ripped from him he chose to fight back instead of wallow in his grief. To me he was everything a Slytherin should strive to be.
That is why I never understood Lily Potter. I mean I respected her, she was a powerful and incredibly smart witch but I never understood her. She chose to marry a man who segregated, humiliated and degrade those he feared and envied. He was a boy given everything and from it fashioned nothing. She chose the man that loved her on the bases that he couldn’t control her instead of the man that loved her simply because she was her.
Professor Snape may have been a Slytherin and may have made mistakes but he always love her. She turned her back on that because of peer pressure and a overbearing bully.  She and her husband tore down that name of Gryffindor and all it stood for but Professor Snape broke free of the close minded box given to the Slytherins. He was BRAVE enough to show his love, CHIVALROUS enough to let her go when she chose another and COURAGEOUS enough to find back against the madman that killed her. This was all on top of being resourceful, cunning, ambition, determined, clever, powerful and helping to lead he next generation of wizards & witches into a world full of fear and death. 
Professor Snape is my HERO.
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a dead scene kid is trying to contact me through captcha


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